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Oscillatoria – Life of Simplest Filamentous Blue Green Algae (Case Study)

Oscillatoria – Characteristics, Systematic Position, Morphology, Anatomy, Microscopic View, Reproduction Oscillatoria (oscillare, to swing) is very common in moist places which are rich in decaying organic matter. Such common places are ponds, streams and other stinking moist places such as roadside ditches, drains or sewers. Characteristics and Morphology The oscillatoria is represented by 100 species. …

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Blue Green Algae – A Full Guide To Class Cyanophyta (Cyanobacteria)

Blue Green Algae (CyanoBacteria) – Characteristics, Reproduction, Examples, Economic Importance, Classification, Phylogeny Blue green algae (cyanobacteria) has been given the status of class by some workers and they call it Myxophyceae (Gr. myxa means slime; phyton, a plant) or Cyanophyceae (Gr. kyanas, a dark blue substance; phyton, a plant) while other workers believed that they …

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Structure of Water Molecule and Properties of Water (Case Study)

Structure of Water Molecule & Properties of Water – Cohesion, Adhesion, Heat of Vaporization, Viscosity, Volume, Density, Surface Tension, Specific Heat Structure of water molecule is made up of one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen bonded covalently. Water (H2O) essentially considered one of the most important substances found on the earth. It …

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Nitrogen Fixation – (Case Study) on the Mechanism of Nitrogen Fixation

Nitrogen Fixation – Occurrence of Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria, Asymbiotic and Symbiotic Fixation, Nodulation, Leghemoglobin, Ammonification, Nitrification, Denitrification Nitrogen fixation is the process of reduction of N2 to NH4+ and always appears to be carried on by prokaryotic organisms. The Most abundant supply of nitrogen is found in the earth’s crust, rocks, and sediment (17.5 to …

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T4 Bacteriophage – The Story and Life of T4 Bacteriophage (Case Study)

T4 Bacteriophage – History, Structure, Graphical Life Cycle, Phage Therapy T4 Bacteriophage or simply phages are the type of viruses which attacks bacteria. The bacteriophages are among the most complex viruses. They have a complex shape like a tadpole i.e., bacteriophage T4, which attacks Escherichia coli (bacterium). History of Bacteriophage: The t4 bacteriophage was first …

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Algae Guide – A Case Study About the Life Journey of Algae

What is Algae – Defining Algology, Phycology, Phytoplanktons, Endophytes, Occurrence and Structure of Algae, Vegetative, Asexual and Sexual Reproduction, Alternation of Generations, Types of Cycles (Haplontic, Diplontic, Diplohaplontic, Haplobiontic, Diplobiontic Life Cycle) What is algae ? Well, the word, have its origin in Latin. In Latin the word Algae stands for sea weed. Thus, the …

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