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Mineral Nutrition – Case Study Guide About Nutrition & Nutrient Deficiency

Mineral Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiency – Criteria, Mineral Nutrients Detection Method, Method of Studying Plant Nutrition, Types of Nutrients, Function of Essential Elements, Enlisting Deficiency Symptoms of Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Chlorine, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Nickel Mineral nutrition and knowledge about its all aspects is an important subdivision of plant physiology. It deals with the …

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Photosynthesis – History of Photosynthesis Discovery

Photosynthesis Definition – Work of Martin Kamen, Stephen Hales, Joseph Priestly, Jan IngenHousz, Jean Senebier, Saussure, Julius Sachs, C.B. Van Niel, Robin Hill, R. Scarisbrick, Samuel Ruben, Daniel Arnon Photosynthesis definition in terms of science is “the conversion of light energy into useful chemical energy”. Martin Kamen’s (1963) photosynthesis definition is described as the series …

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Bacteria – A Case Study Guide About The Life of Bacteria

Bacteria Guide – History, Morphology, Anatomy, Types, Reproduction, Classification, Phylogenetic Relationship, Economic Importance Bacteria are those organisms, which can be found throughout the biosphere. They are the simplest and smallest (< 1 µm — 50 µm width/diameter) organisms belonging to group prokaryotes (Gr. Pro, before; karyote, nucleus), which can be studied even by light microscope. …

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Ophioglossum Guide – Classification, Distribution, Sex Organs, Life Cycle

Ophioglossum – A full Guide To The Life of Ophioglossum (Ophioglossum vulgatum) Ophioglossum (Adder’s Tongue) belongs to family order Ophioglossaceae. The order contains this single family. All the details about genus along with order has been discussed here in detail. There are two orders in the class Eusporangiopsida. These orders are Ophioglossales and Marattiales. The …

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Horsetail Plant Case Study Guide – A Road To (Equisetum)

Horsetail Plant – Classification, Characteristic Features, Morphology, Anatomy, Equisetum Thermale, Adaptations | Field Horsetail  (Equisetum Arvense) – Sporangium, Antheridium, Archegonium, Embryo Development, Life Cycle | Economic Importance Horsetail (Equisetum) comprises of about 25 species. It belongs to order Equisetales. They are worldwide in distribution; however, no species have been recorded from Australia and New Zealand. …

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