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Comment Policy – The Rules You Have To Follow For Commenting

Comment Policy Last updated: Feb 20, 2019

Comment Policy: We appreciate your wise points and expect that our conversation will follow the general rules of good speech.


Don’t dig holes in the cave meaning (Do not try back linking strategies here) or else your going to fall in the same hole you are digging and you will become history. In other words, you are going to be banned.

If you promote services or products or any type of content belonging to third parties or any other website. You will be blocked. Got it.

In our knowledge seeker’s cave you have to learn that fighting with each other on matters of politics and religion is a no go.

Use of any type of abusive words, hate speech that contains any vulgar language, any kind of personal attacks, or offensive material that you are sharing on commenting area results in banning.

If you make unsupported accusations or any type of blame on others. Your accused thread will be deleted and your account will be put on hold. No one has the right to criticize. Everyone has different mind-set. So, don’t become a critique.

Any type of adult talk or adult material will result in ban and then we are going to kick you out from our seeker’s community. Do not post any Word, pdf, Archive files. Because many of these files contain viruses. If you do, we will block you.

Points To Ponder Over

If you’re having a disagreement with other users and your having a debate of your life, consider stepping out from the cave to cool your mind off. We love debates but we don’t want users to break the peace and quiet of our cave just to make their point valid.

If someone disturbs you. Our team is here to help you. But do not use that authority wrongly for your own benefit or else it will backfire.

If you see a comment which violates our rules, the most helpful thing you can do is to flag it, rather than commenting about how poorly moderated the thread or post is or contacting us through social media or email.

Remember, if anyone look at these rules and think that the Botnam Team have too much power to shut down chats. We will humbly say.

  • This is Knowledge Seekers Cave. Not your aunt house, where you can come and do whatever you want.
  • Also, we want the peace and politeness in our cave.

Become A Smooth Talker

Any type of comments related to our articles or our authors are welcomed. As we said, we love debates, so please have nice conversation with other users and if you want to ask questions then email us at [email protected].

If you have an information (Image, link) related to us then share it.

Be kind and polite in speech. Do you know, people who are humble and polite in their speech, those are the one’s who are honorable.

Dear seeker’s do not make your debates to long as it will make our work harder. So, please avoid it. Make it brief and easy to understand.